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1-800-ATTORNEY is easy to remember, adds instant branding to your law firm, and is the #1 most recognizable and memorable phone number in the legal industry. Now your firm can get exclusive rights to use 1-800-ATTORNEY in your territory!

Numeric phone numbers are hard to memorize. As a result, TV, radio & billboard ads using numeric numbers are simply less-than-effective. A number such as 1-800-ATTORNEY is prestigious, easy to recall, and it reflects a sense of professionalism and distinction.

Although you see vanity numbers all of the time, the "good" ones are usually taken. Think of prestigious numbers such as 1-800-DENTIST, 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-DOCTORS. Now your firm can be associated with 1-800-ATTORNEY.

Confusion free calling is important for consumers. With more and more area codes being introduced around the country, consumers become uncertain as to where their calls are going and how much they are going to cost. Every consumer knows and recognizes that 800 numbers are free. New exchanges such as 877, 866, 855 and 844 are confusing, but 1-800 clearly communicates toll-free!

This is an extremely limited opportunity. With more than 1.2 million active attorneys in the US, territories will be claimed quickly.

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Let's look at the research behind toll-free vanity numbers.

✓ One study shows that using a 1-800 vanity number in a radio ad can increase your incoming call volume by 14 times when compared to a numeric 1-800 phone number.

✓ 90% of Americans use toll-free numbers.

✓ More than ⅓ of Americans estimate that they make 60+ toll-free calls per year.

✓ Studies show that 68% of people will remember a phone number expressed as a word, versus only 16% who remember a numeric number. Make it EASY for your potential clients to remember and call your number!

✓ 29% of all radio advertisements use toll-free numbers as response mechanisms. 66% of those use "1-800" numbers (as opposed to 1-888 or 1-877), and 72% use a vanity number (using words instead of numbers).

✓ 24% of all television commercials use toll-free numbers as response mechanisms. 91% of those use "1-800" numbers, and 57% use a vanity number.

✓ 58% of all magazine advertisements use toll-free numbers as response mechanisms. 82% of those use "1-800" numbers.

A good vanity number can have a tremendous impact on your business and can literally be worth thousands of dollars to your law practice.

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Discover the Benefits

1-800-ATTORNEY gives you more than just a phone number.

Increase call volume automatically! Branding gets better and better over time. Potential clients will continue to call 1-800-ATTORNEY long after your advertising campaign ends.

No lost calls! All calls to 1-800-ATTORNEY originating from your territory are routed directly to your office. No operators, no screenings, and no delays!

Stand out from the crowd! Set your firm apart from the competition with a nationally recognized, easily brandable vanity number. Add an instant level of prestige to your practice!

Right of first refusal! Don't worry about losing 1-800-ATTORNEY to your competitors. As a member of our legal network, you are always given the right of first refusal.

Increase your web presence! Not only do you get the phone number, you also get your firm featured on! Visitors in your area are automatically taken to your firm's custom profile page.

Grow your referral network! Don't practice criminal defense? Refer those cases out to other law firms of your choosing. Use 1-800-ATTORNEY to build a valuable referral network.

All set up fees are waived! During this special promotion, we've eliminated set up fees in order to make the transition as easy as possible for your firm.

EXCLUSIVITY! You are given exclusive rights to use the powerful, nationally-branded 1-800-ATTORNEY phone number and logo in your territory.

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The Power of a Brand Name

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In the same way that 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-DENTIST, and 1-800-CONTACTS have revolutionized their industries, 1-800-ATTORNEY will change the way America seeks legal representation. These numbers are used by these hugely successful companies because they work. They generate increased revenue. 800 numbers are the original toll-free area code, and an "800 number" is the general term used when referring to a toll-free number. Think of it as the .COM - the default prefix that fortune 500 companies have used and will continue to use.

Align your law firm with the most recognized and most trusted phone number in the legal industry. Increase your case load and maximize your revenue by using 1-800-ATTORNEY!

Take a look at the following media for examples of how your firm can use the 1-800-ATTORNEY brand.

Billboard Ad
Billboard Ad
1-800-ATTORNEY Bus Ad
1-800-ATTORNEY Billboard Advertisement

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What other attorneys have to say about 1-800-ATTORNEY.

1-800-ATTORNEY has been a game-changer for my law firm. I've never had more calls, and my marketing efforts have never been as effective.
Jeff Rasansky

Jeff Rasansky

Rasansky Law Firm - Dallas, TX

I could not be happier associating my law firm with the 1-800 ATTORNEY brand. It gave us instant credibility and allowed us to stand out from the crowd in a morass of attorney advertisements. There is no better legal vanity phone number in the market today.
Michael Rathel

Michael Rathel

Rathel Law Group - Orlando, FL

Our billboard and TV ads have seen a dramatic increase in our response rate since using the 1800 attorney phone number. Using this easy to remember brand was one of the best marketing decisions I have made In a long time.
Nicholas Alcock

Nicholas Alcock

Phoenix, AZ